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West Coast Sleep Consulting

We are two local West Coast Mommies and sleep consultants that have experienced sleep deprivation to the extreme. After using the Sleep Sense program with our babies, they both sleep soundly through the night, and so do we!

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This positive change we experienced for our babies with Sleep Sense, as well as ou... Read More

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Do you want for your daughter and/or your son the kind of relationship you have now with your significant other? Would you wish on your children (when they become adults) the romantic/life partnership you have with your SO?
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MOTHERING TOUCH | Enter to win 1 of 2 $40 gift cards! ♥ Mothering Touch is THE place for new & expectant parents in Victoria, BC! The gorgeous women over at Mothering Touch want to gift the gorgeous moms here at Mommble gift cards! To enter: In 5 words or less, describe your life as a mom over the last year. Comment below with your up to 5 word mom-life story and two (2) entrants will be randomly selected as the winner of one (1) of two (2) $40 gift cards! Deadline: December 9, 2016 SHARE WITH YOUR MOM FRIENDS! Enter all the latest contests: Happy contest entering! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY (but you have to enter via... Read More
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Talk about all the sex! Sex! SEX! Who's having sex? Who's not having sex? What's working, what's not?
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I took my 9 mo to his first swim class today. I’m celebrating by posting my first ever blog post – something I have always wanted to do but I never felt like I had anything important to say. The pool itself was a treat. My little guy loved it and could back float like a champ. The instructor said it was the hardest move for little ones. I was beaming with pride. Things took a turn when we stepped out of the pool and headed for the change room. As we approached a teenage boy life guard, my boob popped out. Not even all of my boob. Just the nipple. You see, my boobs are a deflated (almost inverted…?) version of what they used to be (Aside: I consider it a small miracle I could breast feed for my son’s first six months after having a b... Read More
This Kate Middleton meme is making us all feel like a Duchess. (via Scary Mommy)
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Hello Moms, I decided to post anonymously because, I am not too sure why, but I fell a bit of shame about this... As I read all your stories, I only see but positive feedback and comments about the nurses at VGH in Mother Babes. Unfortunately, I did not have a good experience and I wanted to touch base to see if I was the only one, or if other moms have had a similar experience. I gave birth over the summer to my first LO. I ended up staying 6 days at the hospital. During that whole period, I've had different nurses judging, making comments and simply discouraging me about breastfeeding. For example, over only 3 hours, I had 3 different nurses come to my room. First one told me that I should use a shield as my baby was a little sleepy. T... Read More

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Hello all. Posting anonymously today because I feel like I'll get flack for this... But I dislike breastfeeding. A lot. We've never had any issues with it - but I just don't enjoy it. My LO is 7 months and I've lasted this long... but I really want to start weaning. I feel guilty because I am fully capable to continue breast feeding, but I think it's just not for me. Please tell me I'm not the only one in this situation!
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Has anyone had a sentinel lumph node biopsy while nursing? Any idea how long I would need to "pump and dump" for after radiation? This is for melanoma diagnosis. Thank you ❤
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I thought I would share a fun fact about myself and see if anyone else in here has the same condition. I have what is called a didelphys uterus. For me this means I have 2 fully separate uteri and 2 cervixes. Some women will have a septum that forms all the way down and have 2 sides to their vagina, however mine did not develop that way. I was originally told I had what is called a bicornate uterus, which is totally different, and it wasn't until I had my son almost 5 years ago that I found out the proper terminology of what I had. I found out about my second uterus when I was 13 after a year of periods as one of my cervixes was not fully developed and therefore the uterus was not draining. So for the entire first year of my periods t... Read More
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I'm experiencing depression that requires medication but am nursing a 5 month old. I've tried two medications so far and both seem to be irritating my baby (though I may of course be wrong). He is much fussier now during awake time. My doctor has no time and is unfamiliar with which meds are best for breastfeeding mom's so we keep stabbing at the dark with ones that are iffy. What have you taken while breastfeeding that worked for you? Or how else can I find out. Feeling stuck between crappy choices both of which make my symptoms worse. Any help appreciated.
Ryan Reynolds has a whole lot of hilarious thoughts on raising a child.
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I love being a sahm. I also kind of hate being a sahm. I love being here for my kids obviously. I love that I get to see every thing they do and that they know I am here. It is really boring sometimes too though. I'm also lonely and I can't stand going to events and everyone practically talking down to me. That might just be in my head but it doesn't seem like it sometimes. This is just kind of rambling, sorry! Does anyone feel the same way? Anyone else love it and hate it?
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Warning: Indecent Act on the Galloping Goose trail yesterday afternoon. (between Atkins and Chilco/Thetis Vale) Hello fellow moms and ladies in the community, I am posting about my sister and I being victims of an indecent act yesterday to make sure you're aware and extra careful if you're out on a walk. My sister and I were walking the galloping goose with my baby in the stroller and saw a man sitting higher up on a rock above the path. He was there both times when we passed both on our way to and from. He then passed us on his skateboard and we noticed it was the man who had been sitting on the rocks. We both had a negative intuitive feeling since he had displayed odd behaviour of just sitting above the path. When we got up to where... Read More
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Hey moms I really need some advice. I'm going through a hard time. I have a 4 year old and a new baby and I'm suffering from PPD. My husband is useless! He is working away and he just doesn't prioritize his kids or me for that matter. This is a long ongoing issue. We have issues with our oldest and he just isn't involved at all. He is emotionally disconnected and hardly looks up from his phone when he is home. Our babe is 5 months old and we haven't ... Done "it" since before she was born. I'm soooooo lonely and just feel like I'm a single parent all the time. It's really doing a number on my self esteem. What should I do? I have tired to get him to go to counselling and he just didn't follow through. He's just not the man I thought he wo... Read More
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I need some advice and guidance. My husband and I have always split all bills 50/50, even though he has always made more than me. Now that I have had our child, I make even less money on mat leave and I still pay half of everything. It's starting to take a toll on me. Not to mention I do everything at home, take care of our dog and child, do all the shopping, all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes. Today I texted him asking if when we move and have to pay more rent, if he would be willing to contribute a bit more as I'm makeing such little money now. He said he really likes our 50/50 and we will talk when he gets home. I'm feeling a little frustrated and kind of sad that he doesn't see how good he has it.
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British mom Bekki Pope shared 20 things that happened to her right after she pushed out a baby. This post on her Facebook page Mummy Mumbles now has more than 114,000 likes and 80,000 shares. Why is it so popular? (via Bored Panda)