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Curious about complications after vasectomy. My husband had a vasectomy a week ago and he's been in bed ever since. I had to take him to emergency a couple nights ago as we suspected a hematoma but he got sent away with T3's and told it was just post op pain. We finally discovered he actually has as infection and he's now on a course of antibiotics and is still currently bed ridden as it's so painful for him to move. This has been hell for him! I'm hoping everything starts to heal now and we can move on from this. Have any of you had a partner/husband go through this? I can't wait to have my man back again! Wishing we didn't go his route now.
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Hey moms. This may be blasphemous to some of you...... I've never masturbated.. EVER. Now that I've found myself a single mom, the need for self care has come up for me. I don't even know where to start. I've never used toys, never touched myself-- I've always been quite content with what my partner offers. Gah..... I even feel weird posting this! Hopefully this is still anonymous! Ha! If it wasn't this would literally send me to the grave! Anyhow, tips? (No pun intended) I'm not a casual sex person, but definitely wouldn't turn it down now... but I'm also super self conscious about the way I look, fearing I'm not attractive enough to be hit on- because I haven't been in a while (or because I haven't noticed?) IDK, I'm rambling. I need sex... Read More
I guess I kind of figured that once I had my first child I would officially be a pro at sex. I mean, I had done it so well that I had brought forth a child from my talents, and I was now officially… (via Scary Mommy)
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The older my son gets the more anxious I get about returning to work and resenting my husband for not making more money. Each birthday milestone for my son is filled with the countdown that is return to work. I celebrate his birthday and enjoy seeing the growth in his mind and body. It's truly amazing to watch, but I can't shake off this dread in the back of my mind. My dream job has always been to be a stay at home mom. I do realize in this day and age it's not feasible. We cannot leave Victoria as we are the main supports for family and we wouldn't have it any other way. I'm resentful I'm the breadwinner. My husband doesn't seem motivated to make more and is lost in a career path that hasn't worked out. I'm trying to not be irrati... Read More
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Grrr. Just picked up my 7 month old from granny. She had taken him to hillside mall and had him on the ride on toys... sucking and chewing on them! Are you kidding me? With all the terrible flus and bugs going around right now?? I was gone an hour. So frustrated. And she said it was no big deal. Of course not, if she's not the one at home dealing with him and his brother. Grrrrrr. Use your brain.
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I need some career advice. I'm a mostly sahm with my almost 2 yr old. I work casually as RN right now but am seriously worried about my social and career impact. I've been offered a position with specialized training in another province where I would have no help from any family and hubby (temporarily). I got contacted for this position after we just moved!! I don't know what to do! It's for 3 night shifts per week. I would have daycare during the day while I'm sleeping and I'd need to hire a nanny at night. I'm thinking oF not permanently moving yet until I see if I like the position first. Maybe stay in a furnished place first and even bring my mom with me for the first few weeks. AM I crazy for even considering this?! My hubby t... Read More
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Bear with me mighties, this is going to be a "poor me" post. I've been having a bit of a pity party lately. Not sure if it's my hormones because of recently going back on birth control or what... But I've been a little depressed, not myself to say the least. I'm feeling very isolated lately. I'm a SAHM and I really wish I had more mom friends. I have met up with a few mighties and we have nice play dates, but I don't feel I've truly connected with someone yet. Someone I can text and say "what are you doing right now? Wanna go for a walk?" And then actually WANT to go walk with them without feeling like I have absolutely nothing to talk about besides the baby. I haven't found that "mom friend" who I can have play dates with, but also... Read More

MOMMBLE THIS WEEK (11) Mindfulness

On mindfulness: I found an article on mindfulness in the Time Colonist (Victoria, BC) and wanted to share a link with you here: Mindfulness program teaches moms meditative approach to parenting Mindfulness, put simply, is a type of meditation in which the practitioner learns to concentrate on living in the moment. With special mental checklists, routines and practices, a person strives to be aware of what’s happening around them... And with no past to obsess over and little concept of a future to worry abo... Read More
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I can't believe I am writing this but my partner has always been quick to anger and last night when a girlfriend from out of town stopped in to visit me unannounced he came downstairs and got very angry at me about waking up the baby, completely ignored her, and then stormed upstairs. I was so embarrassed I didn't even know how to excuse his behavior. When I got to thinking about it, he gets angry anytime I see my friends and I have found myself not really seeing a lot of friends since being with him. I later asked him why he was so mad and he told me that he is sick of working 40 hours a week and me having the perfect life and being able to do whatever I want while he is stuck working. I told him that I didn't think that excused h... Read More
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Sex! How often are you 'doing it'? I'm 4 months pp and we've tried to have sex once. We waited the recommended 6 weeks as I had a horrific vaginal birth with servere tearing. I got the ok from the Dr at 6 weeks and was super excited (and horny 😝) and... nothing. Eventually at 10 weeks pp we managed to both be in the same 'zone' and got down to it but the pain was unreal. We had to avoid penetration but otherwise we both had a great time. I've been massaging and stretching the area since then and have tried to initiate sex LOTS- Moma has needs but I also want to make sure everything's working before I go to my next Drs appointment. My SO just isn't interested. He goes to bed early as he starts work at 6am and I get that he m... Read More
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My 9 month old daughter is learning to stand and she fell and hit her face now she has a bruise by her eye. I feel so bad that it happen as I'm suppose to protect her from getting hurt. I feel like if I go out side people will judge me and think I did it or that I'm a bad mom cause I wasn't watching her as close as I should have been.
Many Canadians who have undergone fertility treatments or turned to assisted reproductive technologies over the past 10 years are now eligible for a tax deduction as a result of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s new budget. (via CBC News)
Kate Siobhan Mulligan is a freelance travel photographer, writer, and educator specializing in portraiture and humanitarian work. (via Kate Siobhan Mulligan)
In many hospitals, patients are told not to eat or drink during labor. Are these eating bans based on best evidence? (via Evidence Based Birth®)
Have you seen some seriously colourful toast popping up in your Instagram feed lately? Some are calling it unicorn toast and we're 100% on board. (via So Fawned)
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I'm an older mom with a two year old, still trying to decide if we are one and done or if trying for a 2nd is what's right for our family. Husband would like another baby and on easy days, I would too. On hard days though... ugh, I just don't know. My main hesitation is how I'd cope with a 2nd since we're in a good groove now. I'm kinda scared to go through all the first year stress again with the newborn stage, lack of sleep, especially after navigating through PPA/PPD. I guess I'm kind of scared to shake things up, all while having a very active toddler to chase around. Mom's who have more than one child... is it as hard as I think it is to juggle two kids?
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I was just going through a post on a parent financial group that is also island based. Someone asked about costs for growing kids and how it increases considerably. Which included sports food and clothes. I could feel the stress those parents go through from some kids not having the same opportunities as others. While my babe is only 10 months and for now I keep it super basic only buy toys off varage and keep replacing them. Basic with clothes and all. But even I can see it growing as he grows. i don't know if it was that moment but it really stressed me out and made me question why we have kids ? It can be really stressful financially. I am not sure what I am looking for here but do you mamas ever think about it? I hear a lot "we are happ... Read More
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NBR- Thinking of buying in the Highlands. So, I've always lived really central. Our house is just becoming to small and to valuable not to sell. It's time to trade up. Our budget is good over a mil, however, I feel that in my price range in town won't get me nothing but a fixer upper. I don't want to go to max budget either because I don't want to be completely house broke. I'm imagining an idyllic life for my son where he would have this huge yard with a wicked play set. I imagine we will make friends in the Westshore. My MIL is looking for every flaw in the area from the volunteer fire department to the wall paper in the house. She terrified about the schools in the Westshore. Which I think might be pretty good because there are... Read More
There’s nothing selfish about self-care. Your kids can’t be at their best if you aren’t too. (via Washington Post)
If helping my kids grow into good people means that they’re “special snowflakes,” then I don’t give a flying fuck. (via Scary Mommy)

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There's a different kind of hurt that only comes from a toxic parent - the one who is meant to love you and protect you from the sharp edges of the world. (via Hey Sigmund - Karen Young)
Strong Prison Wives & Families is a support network of empowered & encouraging members, where the wives, girlfriends, fiances, parents, children & family members of the incarcerated are the writers & readers.
Folks on Sesame Street have a way of making everyone feel accepted. That certainly goes for Julia, a new Muppet youngster with blazing red hair, bright green eyes — and autism. (via CBC News)