This was posted anonymously to Mighty Moms 2016 (Victoria, BC)
I went to Costco to take advantage of the sale on formula and bought 6 tubs! As I was loading my cart, I started to feel like I was being judged. No one said anything to me but I had this overwhelming feeling of shame and felt embarrassed pushing my baby in a cart full of nothing but formula. It brought back memories of me crying in the hospital when I first had to give my baby formula. I felt ashamed of myself and felt I was a bad mother for not being able to provide food from my body, the way it was intended. I eventually got over that feeling and I do know that there is nothing to be ashamed of as a formula feeding mother, but for some reason, the plethora of formula in my cart was somehow a trigger to the shame I felt in the beginning.... Read More
I try not to deluge people with baby pics, but, if I’m being real, my baby is all over Facebook. And Instagram. Indy is a chubby little guy — more than 18 pounds at four months old — with cheeks that sag down to the bottom of his chin, neck rolls upo... (via Edmonton Journal)
Hola, FFFs. And holla, because here is the quick-and-dirty guide to formula feeding I’ve been promising for ages! Actually, this is just Part One, but I will be posting new parts every so often until the entire guide is finished … Continue reading → (via Fearless Formula Feeder)
This makes an excellent point about why we have to change up the message about what’s really “best” and “natural” for parents and babies. (via Everyday Feminism)
Check out these touching photos of parents bottle-feeding their babies. Share your own pic using the hashtag #howifeedmybaby. (via Today's Parent)
A guest post by Yunyan Jennifer Wang, Ph.D. We’re reminded constantly that ‘breast is best’. The ads plaster the Metro, hospital walls and my Facebook feed. Breast milk is touted everywhere these days as liquid gold, the ambrosia of life … Continue r... (via Fearless Formula Feeder)
A natural health and gentle parenting magazine for holistic parents in the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas. (via The Holistic Parent, Waterloo's Natural Health Magazine)
Abbie Fox knows all too well the pressures that come with something as simple as feeding her babies. When her son Maverick was born, the Las Vegas-based photographer was eager to breastfeed, but after weeks of struggling, ongoing appointments with (via POPSUGAR Moms)