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I don't want to start a debate on vaccination, but am curious if any moms did delay giving vaccines? And if so, how long did you delay for?
The magnitude of the risk depends on what is circulating in your community. (via The New York Times)
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I recently found out my neighbor's kids, ages 3.5 and 5, are not immunized and that they will be starting daycare soon for the first time. Apparently the daycare only requires the chicken pox vaccine. My kids, ages, 2 and 3.5, are immunized and they all frequently play together - sometimes in the backyard especially during the summer and we will occasionally visit with them in their house and vice versa. We have been neighbors for several years now and get along very well. My concern stems from the fact that I am now eight months pregnant. I can't help feeling uneasy that when my new baby arrives, he or she might potentially be exposed. What are the actual risks? Does it require a conversation? How would one bring something like this up?... Read More
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Wondering if any other parents decided to split up the 12mo vaccines for their little ones. I'm 100% for vaccinating but 4 needles seems like a lot!
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Has anyone combined the 6 month vaccines with the 12 month ones? I didn't realize I had missed the 6 month apt, so they suggested that I do both sets now.
A variety of children's vaccines and alternative schedules are explored by Dr. Bob Sears in addition to the other Sears Family Doctors. (via Ask Dr Sears® | The Trusted Resource for Parents)
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Stressed out about vaccines! Where do you ladies get your scientific- non biased information that allows you to feel confident as to your decision as to vaccinate or not? My parents in-law are very very anti-vaccine and I feel pressure from others to vaccinate (generally I think I am in the pro vaccination camp). My partner and I have had a really hard time researching the safety of them as many sources we find are extremely biased to one side or the other. The sources my in laws have provided seem to be unscientific propaganda but they are very smart people so I am confused by it. We just want to do what is best and safest for our child without being judged (just like everyother parent ever) and I am finding it so so stressful! Where did y... Read More
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I think I have decided not to vaccinate. My husband and I have had many thorough discussions. We feel this is the best choice for our family. Now what I want to know is how you other parents who do not vaccinate, how do you deal with all the hate? Do you tell people your child is not vaccinated or wait until it comes up?.. If your child is healthy why does it matter if you tell people?
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No bashing please! I just have a quick question, my 6 month old is getting his vaccines and I'm wondering about the flu shot, my doctor and a nurse told me if he isn't around small children that much it's not really that big of a deal? he is our only child. So I'm on the fence whether I should get it or not. Thoughts? By the way IM PRO VACCINES so no negative comments. I'm just a FTM. Thank you!
At a friend’s birthday party last weekend, someone asked what our new book was about. As we answered, the room went completely silent. Try… (via Medium)
Merck made a "hit list" of doctors who criticized Vioxx, according to testimony in a Vioxx class action case in Australia. The list, emailed between Merck employees, contained doctors' names with the labels "neutralise," "neutralised" or "discredit"... (via CBSNews)
"Measles Mary" raises questions about how long vaccine-given immunity lasts (via Science | AAAS)
In this post, I will address fifteen of the most commonly used arguments against vaccines. Throughout this post, you should notice that none of these arguments require a great deal of scientific kn… (via The Logic of Science)
A California couple is grieving their infant son's death from whooping cough. (via ABC News)
Jersey's Health Department is urging pregnant women to get vaccinated against whooping cough, after a rise in baby deaths in the UK. The highly infectious illness can lead to pneumonia and brain damage, with young babies being especially vulnera... (via ITV News)
If you are a parent of a baby or young children, expecting a baby or if you are a health professional you need to watch this lecture filmed at a Radio Liberty Seminar in October 2008 in which Russell Blaylock MD discusses the effect of vaccines on t... (via YouTube)
Part 1 The definitive look into the history of vaccination. From cancer, to autism, to the purposeful sterilization of innocent people around the globe, find out why all of these things are perfectly legal according to U.S. CODE - why the government... (via YouTube)
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I am going to apologize for my harsh language here. I am just soo fed up with this topic being brought up again and again. What the fuck? How can people be soo willfully ignorant and hell bent on ignoring science? How many studies have been done on the safety of vaccines? Hundreds. How many studies have been done to explore a link vaccines with autism? Hundreds. How many have proven a link? None. Zilch. Zero. Fucking none. If someone can link me to a PEER REVIEWED STUDY which does prove a definite link please show me, it would be a first for me. The only study which linked the two was done by Wakefield. His results when put to peer review were deemed false and unverifiable, and his study deemed unethical. You know the population he stud... Read More
Leading causes of death in Canada, 2009: Table 4 - Ranking and number of deaths for the 10 leading causes of death by age group, males, Canada, 2009
Inside the raging debate: parents' right to make choices versus the needs of a community. (via FRONTLINE)